Understanding The Concept of Olefin Carpets and Bonnet Cleaning

The carpets play an important role in the cleanliness in a person’s house and the carpets should be maintained flirth and dirt free so that they do not cause any harm and spread any diseases to the people we care for. Carpet Cleaning issues should not be ignored as they can turn into major problems.

One must  start acting on using the best method to clean your dirty and stained carpet without much cost and maintain it correctly without spending unnecessary money in buying a new one. Carpet Cleaning Adelaide must be done regularly and that is why you have to hire some professionals to clean them as it is very important because of their experience where they clean the carpet in our home without damaging them up.

Carpet Bonnet Cleaning
Carpet Bonnet Cleaning

What is Olefin and Olefin Carpet?

Olefin is a textile fibre which is soft and it is inexpensive which makes many number of buyers to buy it so that they can use it and throw of whenever they need to which is the mentality they should change because even if olefin in inexpensive they are strong and soft not as much as nylon but they are soft and they should be taken care of unless being thrown away. Olefin is the chemical name of polypropylene which is the real name. They are inexpensive and they can be bought literally by anyone and they are smooth which is quite interesting among them as they are not that much costly to be bought.

Advantages of Carpets Made of Olefin:

  • Olefin carpets are durable and they do not easily wear of like other products.
  • Olefin are very comfort they are relatively comfortable when compared to other types compared to its age.
  • Olefin Carpets resists stain for its capacity which means they can withstand stain for some moment.
  • Olefin contains no fire catching chemicals present in it and they don’t get caught by fire and burn.
  • Olefin are made up of non volatile organic compounds which is another benefit of using olefin.
  • Olefin are lightweight and they can be easily carried to anywhere.

Disadvantages of Olefin:

  • Olefin is a heat sensitive fibre which means it cannot withstand heat much and it results in some serious problems.
  • Olefin when meet in contact with excess number of oil will become permanent.

Bonnet Cleaning:

Bonnet cleaning is a process which involves a machine with a spinning pad attached as two hands with a cleaning solution which is used to clean the dirt and remove the stain away from the carpet which could cause harm to the kids and family where the dirty carpets could cause infections. Bonnet cleaning goes till the last surface of the carpet and cleans it for good and leads in maintaining a healthy carpet. They are quite popular in hotels because they can give deep clean soon.

Advantages of Bonnet Cleaning:

  • Bonnet cleaning contains only low cost equipment and the cost of using bonnet cleaning service is also low.
  • Bonnet cleaning provides very rapid interior and deep cleaning.
  • Bonnet cleaning involves low investment.
  • After bonnet cleaning only less stain spots occur.

Disadvantages of Bonnet Cleaning:

  • The detergent and soap used to wash build up on it and it is really difficult to wash upon again.
  • The residue tends to stick after the process has been done and dried.
  • Bonnet cleaning cleans only the surface and the deepest  part remains uncleaned.
Carpet Cleaning Service
Carpet Cleaning Service

Why to Choose Us? 

Bonnet cleaning is an intelligent strategy to be used when thinking about cleaning the carpet so that it can make a huge impact in changing our life and making our home look beautiful as it costs low and it is highly durable compared to all other carpet cleaning methods. 

Still if your carpets look dirty, then you contact Oops Cleaning at the earliest. We ensure that the services are delivered on the Same Day , and you get a premium carpet cleaning experience.

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