Tired of Removing The “Red” Stains that Kill your Carpet and Mood?

Human blood is a sight that scares many more than otherwise. And no those stains on your carpet ain’t helping your social status either! So then, how do we go about it? Is it some rocket science that only the friends you have been jealous of are aware? Fortunately, there’s absolutely nothing to fret over. On the contrary, life, in general, is filled up of those unfortunate events which happen at the wrong time, just like Dhoni the otherwise lightning-quick batsman was run out in that semi-final against New Zealand.

One moment your kid cuts his index finger, the other has your CFL burst into pieces in a rather unprecedented manner. And there someone, “Oh, it’s my husband who was just back from work!” trampled over the glass pieces and had his toe smeared with blood. And so was the carpet!

This blog piece is sincerely dedicated to all those tough times when you find one bloodstain is ruining your life big time.

Professional Carpet Stain Removal Services
Professional Carpet Stain Removal Services

The Know-How: Blood Stain Removal!

At the starting, it may appear to be a humongous job but if all the steps are followed in a logical sequence and some techniques described in detail hereby, nothing ain’t impossible:

Blot It Like a Boss!

A piece of microfibre cloth and a few drops of water is all you need. Try to spot the affected spot on carpet clearly and blot the stain bang on target.

Caution: Do Not SCRUB. That’s the last thing you want to be doing as it can spread the stain size while also messing up the carpet even more.

The Tales of Salt and Water Paste!

Two tablespoons of water mixed upfront with half a bowl of salt. There you go!

You have your “Dadi Nani Secrets” all covered up. Applying this paste for fifteen minutes followed by scrub on the exact spot will render the stain ineffective and largely invisible.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Again, this one comes straight out of the chemistry labs and that is exactly why you must read this entire blog through the CTA para, but in case you have been storing some Hydrogen Peroxide read on.

You Genius, you almost won half the battle already! Just a tablespoon of this wonder liquid and a bit of scrubbing will make your carpet look much better.

Carpet Stain Removal Services
Carpet Stain Removal Services

Not Woollen? Worry Not, The Meat Tenderizer is Here!

If applying the homemade paste of meat tenderizer on the bloodstain will not bore you, then why not go ahead and try it out!

Well, if science is to be believed these tenderizers break the bonds between blood molecules and carpet fabric.

Then again, the keyword is WOOLLEN. Do not even dare think of this idea if the carpet of your dreams happens to be woollen in nature. They say tenderizers don’t love wool and so., if still confused then ask from best Professional Carpet Cleaning in Sydney.

Call Professionals

But not everyone is a chemistry lab nerd to be having a bottle of hydrogen peroxide home.

And meat tenderizers certainly not going to work for the vegans.
What if you don’t have the microfibre cloth for some reason at your stay!

Worry not folks. We at  Oops Cleaning provide exclusive Carpet deep cleaning services. And as for those deadly “red bloodstains”, we have an expertise in carpet bloodstain removal services as well.

Our well-trained experts use quality cleaning solvents of the highest standard and eco-friendly carpet red stain removals product. These associates are all highly experienced and provide both carpet cleaning and sanitization services proficiently.

And so next time you encounter a bloodstain that would keep nagging your nerves and testing your patience, remember, we are just a call away from rescuing you and your beautiful carpet!

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