Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Carpet

Carpets are available in various colors, shades, patterns, and textures. They provide our floor with a vibrant and colorful look. Sometimes they are used to make the shades of our floor match with the other segments of the interiors of our home. They are also more expensive than most of the interior decorating articles.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Melbourne
Professional Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Carpets provide elegance to the interiors of our home and hence are expensive as well. On one hand, they add to the sophisticated factor while on the other hand they incur investments. Hence, we expect them to be durable.

To increase the usable life of a carpet, it has to be maintained properly. Maintenance involves various methods of cleaning, sanitization, and restoration of Carpet Cleaning. Hence, there are many precautionary and safety points which must be kept in mind while using a carpet. Heeding to such points automatically increases the life of a carpet.

Precautionary steps to maintain a healthy carpet

A long life of carpet can be expected only when its maintenance is taken care of. A few precautionary measures can increase the life of your carpets substantially. Following are the steps you must take care of:

  • Using doormats:-

Always use doormats at the entrance of the carpeted area of your home. This will prevent the dust from the footwear of the entrant from spoiling your carpet.

  • Dragging heavy objects:-

Do not drag heavy articles or furniture over the surface of the carpet. This not only severely affects the fabric lines but also results in permanent wear and tear.

Carpet Cleaning Services Melbourne
Carpet Cleaning Services Melbourne

Keep your doors and windows closed :-

Try to keep the doors and windows closed if not required. This will prevent outdoor dust and debris from settling over the surface of your carpet.

  • Avoid spills as much as possible:-

Avoid spills and droppings over the carpet. These can not only leave stubborn stains but also release the unwanted odor.

  • Prevent moisture:-

Prevent accumulation of moisture over the carpet surface. Too much moisture results in the formation of molds and allergens which affects the health of your family and ruins the carpet too.

Steps to keep carpets new-like

To increase the life of carpet means to keep it new-like for the longest time possible. The following activities can help carpet to retain the new-like look and fluffiness:

  • Vacuuming:-

Vacuum the carpet regularly. Do it daily if possible. This will not allow dust to settle permanently over the surface and prevent its penetration to inner layers.

Vacuum Cleaning Services Melbourne
Vacuum Cleaning Services Melbourne
  • Cleaning solution:-

In case of any accidental spill or droppings, take immediate actions to remove them. A solution of cold water, white vinegar and baking powder can effectively provide emergency relief. Mix them in a spray bottle and spray the solution over the affected area. Wipe it with a clean cloth. If immediate action is not taken, it leaves a stubborn and tough stain over the carpet. These stains erode the carpet surface.

  • Removing wax spills:-

Remove wax spills immediately. Use iron heated to a moderate temperature and move it over the affected area by keeping a clean cloth over the carpet surface. The heat of the iron will melt the wax and it will be absorbed by the cloth kept in between the iron and the carpet. Then using any soft scraper, remove the excessive and lose wax. Use plastic and polymer cards or play pieces as scrapers.

  • Carpet cleaning services:-

Go for carpet steam cleaning once a year. It removes all stains, contaminants, and allergens from the carpet. Carpet steam cleaning deeply cleanses all the layers and removes all types of hazardous factors which can threaten carpet life.

  • Take professional help when required:-

Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services at frequent intervals. These professional services not only clean or sanitize the carpet but can also restore your carpet from flood and fire damages.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services, Melbourne:-

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services
Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

If you are looking for a trustworthy source in Melbourne for carpet cleaning services, then Oops Cleaning Service is the one you must try. It not only gives your carpets a new look but also sanitize it to make it 100% germ free. We are a leading company providing professional services since many years. Moreover, our staff consists of certified cleaners who are experts in their field. We have been delivering quality services in the whole of Melbourne.

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