Steps For Removing Hard Water Stains From The Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is basically an amalgamation of pt and tiles, tiles give the pool an ability to store water. Because of tiles the swimming pool made possible, tiles don’t absorb water and can store the consistency of water for a longer time. Water also looks clean in a swimming pool made of tiles. Sometimes hard water stains on pool tile can cause cloudy white residue in the pool. Though you can remove the hard water by using the commercial cleaners, moreover, swimming pool tile and grout cleaning can be done using commercial cleaner would be hard work and might damage the tile. Here’s the whole guide to remove hard water stain from swimming pool tile.

Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning
Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning

Gather These Supplies To Start The Swimming Pool Tile And Grout Cleaning.

  • A rubber glove.
  • An eye goggles.
  • A respirator For Safe breathing, while using harsh chemicals.
  • One plastic bucket.
  • A plastic cup for measuring.
  • Muriatic acid
  • A plastic spoon or piece of wood.
  • An empty spray bottle.
  • Non Abrasive scouring pad


Place the container of muriatic acid in an open area, so that it won’t mix in the air and cause harm to the health. Wear all the protection such as gloves, eye goggles and a respirator, before you’re doing the process.

Best Tile And Grout Cleaners
Best Tile And Grout Cleaners
  • Step – 1 – Soaking The Tile Floor:

    Pour one gallon of water in the plastic bucket and use the plastic measuring cup to pour 230 Grams of muriatic acid in the water, remember pour slowly, without causing any splash, you can use a funnel, in order to slow the flow of water. Always pour acid into water, if you pour water in muriatic acid it will start reacting and would splash. Throw the remaining muriatic acid as it’s dangerous to keep in the house.
  • Step – 2 – Making Solution:

    Now use a plastic spoon or hardwood to slowly stir the solution, make sure that there is no paint or kind of printing on the wood. Do not rush while stirring as it’ll start an exothermic reaction and cause water to boil. After stirring is done dispose of the wood or spoon.
  • Step – 3 – Ready for The Use:

    Now take a plastic spray bottle and fill the solution in it, make sure you label the bottle with information or you dispose of after the use.
  • Step – 4 – Cleaning The Tiles:

    Spray the solution on hard water stains on pool tile properly. Let the acid solution sit for a few seconds after you’re done, rinse the pool thoroughly using water, you can use ammonia in order to neutralize the tiles after cleaning.

Keep A Check On The Water Quality

Keep a check on the water, test the water from time to time to know if there are hard water stains on pool tile, if you hire professionals they’ll recommend you some chemicals to lessen the hardness lever in water.

Professional Swimming Pool Cleaning Service
Professional Swimming Pool Cleaning Service

Call Professionals

Swimming pool tile and grout cleaning can be messy work and can be risky at the same time, it’s always recommended to best services of remove hard water stain from swimming pool tile. If you choose professional tile and grout cleaners in Melbourne for the work, they’ll complete it with full efficiency without damaging anything. Green Cleaners Team is a renown professional tile and grout cleaners, book our services to get your tile and grout cleaning done properly. We have a wide range of services available for hard water stains on pool tile grout.

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