Sofa Stains Which Should Be Avoided at Any Cost

Do your sofa in your home had a different kind of stains? Then it is mandatory to remove the stain for maintaining the cleanliness in the homes. There are several stains which are mentioned below that you need to avoid the safe at any cost.

As these stains can ruin the fabric of the sofa and can lead to severe damage. In case if the stains occur you can seek the experts that offer you with the upholstery cleaning. To know about the stains that you need to avoid, refer the below-given information in detail.

Upholstery Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning

Stains Which You Need to Avoid on The Sofa

  • Stains of Ink –

    The ink stains are the toughest stains on the sofa and need to be removed immediately before they go deep cleaning of the fabric of your upholstery items. The cleaning detergent is mixed in warm water and is mixed with warm water and is applied to the stained area. After that effective cleaning is provided with the use of the carpet stain remover that offers you with the effective cleaning of the stains.
  • Greasy Stains –

    It is tough to remove the stains of the greasy material . in case if the greasy stains occur then you need to use the lemon juice which is mixed in the vinegar. The solution is prepared and used in the stained area. After the proper scrubbing, the stains are deeply extracted out from the area and gets removed. After that, the solution is allowed to set for around 15 minutes for a better reaction.
  • Oil  Stains –

    The other kind of stains you need to avoid is the oil stains which are not removed easily and goes deep into the fabric. Also, it leads to the shedding of the fabric of the upholstery; so the best way to avoid such kinds of stains to use the stain protection agent on the upholstery like scotch guard which helps to prevent the stains to retain on the surface of the upholstery in your houses.
  • Stains of Blood –

    The bloodstains are also common and are another tough stain that can occur on the surface of the sofa. The bloodstains can be easily removed with the use of baking soda which is mixed along with the lemon juice in the stained area. The solution is applied to the stained area and after that rinsed with water for the complete removal of the bloodstains.

Edge of Hiring Us:

When it comes to stained then there are many stains which are not good for the surface of the sofa. In case if you come across any kind of stains then you can contact Oops Cleaning which offers you with the Best Upholstery Cleaning in Brisbane. The experts help to get rid of every type of stains from the upholstery in the best way. They know how to offer great customer service and for the best service at an affordable budget.

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