Rug Cleaning Sydney

Professional Rug Cleaning Experts in Sydney

Oops Cleaning offers effective rug cleaning, rug sanitising, rug deodorising, and rug stain removal services at a reasonable cost in Sydney. With many years of experience, we have expertise in delivering all kinds of rug cleaning services. Professionals at rug cleaning Sydney are trained to clean any type of rugs such as wool, oriental, and Persian rugs. We have all the required tools and solutions to provide the best cleaning services. 

Rug plays a major role in home decor. It is necessary to get rug professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Professional cleaning makes it look as fresh and new and extend its life. An unclean and dirty rug contains harmful allergens, bacteria and germs which can lead to rug damage and health problems. Get your rug cleaned by professionals to keep it clean and fresh. Our cleaning services are available on the same day of booking at an affordable cost. 


Our Rug Cleaning Services: 

Rug & Carpet Cleaning in Sydney are specialised in delivering all kinds of rug cleaning services. Our cleaners use modern tools and solutions to provide the best cleaning results. 

Avail Any of These Cleaning Services to Keep Your Rug Clean and Fresh: 

  • Wet Rug Cleaning
  • Rug deodorising & Sanitising
  • Pet Hair Removal from Rug
  • Shampooing
  • Mould Restoration
  • Steam Cleaning and Dry Cleaning
  • Residential and Commercial Rug Cleaning
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Vomit/Blood/Wine Stain Removal
  • Coffee or Tea Rug Stains Removal
  • Pet stain and odour removal
  • Same Day Rug Cleaning Sydney
  • Emergency Rug Cleaning Services

Rug Steam Cleaning Sydney

Our rug steam cleaning methods involves spraying a chemical and eco-friendly solution onto the rug. In this process, we extract the dirty water from rugs to make it fresh. Steam cleaning rug reduces the dust, dirt and germs and delivers the high-end results. We have trained our cleaners to perfectly steam clean the rugs. Our cleaners are equipped with heavy equipment and solutions to remove the hard stains.  We offer best and high-class rug steam cleaning. Get your rug steam cleaned before dirt and germs damages rug’s fibres. Avail our steam cleaning services to deep clean your rug. 

Rug Dry Cleaning Sydney

Dry cleaning is the most effective cleaning methods for rug cleaning. This method is recommended by professional cleaners. The dry cleaning method is more effective in winter. It deeply clean rugs and removes all the germs, dirt and stains. Keep your rug cleaned and maintained by availing dry cleaning service. Our cleaners can make your carpet hygienic and fresh. We use the best solutions and tools to deliver eco-friendly dry cleaning services. Our professionals are expert in delivering dry cleaning services in both commercial and residential areas. Avail our dry cleaning service to give a lifespan to your rug.

Local Rug Cleaning Sydney

Oops Cleaning has a team of local rug cleaners. Our local cleaners live in southern suburbs, western suburbs, eastern suburbs and northern suburbs. We are focused to provide satisfying cleaning results. Cleaning rugs and removing stains can restore your rugs shine and freshness. We offer the best and effective results of dry cleaning, rug steam cleaning, and stain removal services at a reasonable cost.

There is Some Specialty of Our Local Cleaning Services:

  • Quick response in case of emergency service. 
  • Local rug cleaning experts
  • Deep clean rug steam cleaning
  • A lifespan to your rug
  • Get rid of smell and stains with local cleaners. 
  • Protect the rug’s fabric by booking local cleaners

Get Rid of Stains With Professional Rug Cleaners

Stains are a common problem for homeowners. Stains on the rug lead to germs, allergens growth which can cause rug’s fibre damage and health problems. There are many types of stains and every stain needs different treatments. Our cleaners are experienced and trained in removing all types of stains. We only use an eco-friendly and effective stain remover to get the best results. Our team uses stain removal solutions and methods according to the stain type. 

Here is The List of Few Stain Removal Services:

  • Urine stain
  • Bloodstain
  • Coffee stain
  • Juice stain
  • Wine stain
  • Gum stain
  • Food stain

Commercial Rug Cleaning

Cleaning in commercial areas is not an easy task. Due to huge traffic, the rug gets dirtier and attacks germs and allergens. Cleaning rug at commercial places is hard and only professional cleaners can clean it perfectly. Our cleaners are specially trained to clean commercial rugs. We only use advanced equipment and solutions to provide quick and eco-friendly cleaning. Our commercial cleaning services are available all across Sydney. Get your rug cleaned with professional cleaners on the same day of booking. 

Residential Rug Cleaning

Rugs get more stains at residential places as compare to commercial places. The stained and dirty rug is a hub for germs, allergens and bacteria. This can cause serious health issues and also damages the rug. We have professional cleaners who are expert and certified in stain removal and rug cleaning. Our cleaners have cleaned rugs before and can deliver the high-end cleaning results. We have updated tools and solutions to maintain the service standard and clean rug quickly. Get rid of dirt, dust, stains and germs with professional residential rug cleaning services. Avail our cleaning services to live in healthy premises.

Rug Mould Removal Sydney

Mould growth occurs due to moisture. Mould growth can affect health and also cause rug damage. This growth can also cause some health issues such as breathing problems, headache and skin allergies. Removing mould on your own can be a risk for health. Thus, it is advisory to contact professional cleaners for safe rug mould removal. Our cleaners are trained and expert in removing mould without harming the rug. We use advanced tools for easy mould removal. Reach us now to avail mould removal services at a fair cost.

Rug Cleaning Services
Rug Cleaning Services

Why Choose Us for Rug Cleaning Sydney?

Oops Cleaning is an old and renowned cleaning service provider in Sydney. We have a local cleaner to deliver quick cleaning services in offices and homes. 

Our Rug Cleaning Services Offer Customer Desired and Excellent Results:

  • Many years of experience in rug cleaning
  • Wide range of cleaning service all across Sydney
  • Team of qualified and licensed cleaners
  • The locally-owned cleaning company
  • Use of eco-friendly solutions and advanced technology
  • 24*7 customer service
  • 100% satisfying results
  • Safe and quick cleaning services
  • Commercial and domestic cleaning services
  • Local rug cleaning services

Our professional cleaners offer quality and affordable cleaning services. Get a professional cleaning service to live in a clean and healthy environment. Hire us to experience an amazing cleaning service on the same day of booking.


What is the best method of rug cleaning?

Rug steam cleaning or rug hot water extraction, rug dry cleaning, and rug encapsulation are the best rug cleaning methods.

Which method do you use to clean a rug?

Cleaning method totally depends on your rug’s condition. Our experts will review your rug at very first and then they decide the cleaning method.

Do you provide same day cleaning services for rug cleaning?

Yes, we provide the best same day cleaning services with latest cleaning equipment.

Can I get your rug cleaning services on the weekends?

Yes, you can make a booking with us to get the services on the weekends. There are many in our list of satisfied customers who got this service on the weekends.

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