Rug Cleaning Melbourne

Professional Rug Cleaning in Melbourne

Rug Cleaning Melbourne – Oops Cleaning is a leading and renowned cleaning firm. Our rug cleaning services are affordable and effective. 

We offer all kinds of rug cleaning services in Melbourne and its nearby location. Our rug cleaning services include rug steam cleaning, rug deodorising, end of lease rug cleaning, stain removal, odour removal, and rug sanitising. Reach us to avail our rug cleaning services in a single day of booking

With our trained and professional team, we can remove any kind of stains and clean dirty and stained rug. We use the latest tools and cleaning solutions to refresh and restore Rugs colour and cleanliness. 

Rug Cleaning Melbourne
Rug Cleaning Melbourne

Our Rug Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Here is the range of our rug cleaning services that we provide in Melbourne and its nearby suburbs. 

  • Mould Removal
  • Gum removal from Rug 
  • End of Lease Rug Cleaning
  • Rug Stain Removal
  • Scotchgard Rug Stain Protection
  • Vomit/Wine/Blood Stain Removal from Rug
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Rug Structure Drying
  • Rug Repair
  • Tea/coffee stain removal from Rug
  • Deodorisation & Sanitising
  • Steam & Dry Cleaning
  • Same Day Rug Cleaning Melbourne
  • Dog’s Urine Removal from Rug
  • Pet Hair Removal

Our Cleaners deliver all the above-mentioned rug and carpet cleaning services in Melbourne. We handle rug with proper care and provide effective results. Reach us to get a free quote. 

Rug Sanitising Melbourne

With stains, spill and regular traffic, rug get dirty. Dirty rugs attract insects and allergies such as bed bugs, dust mites, beetles and fleas which is harmful. Cleaning rug is just not enough to remove germs and bacteria. It is important to get professional rug sanitising services to remove germs and bacteria. Sanitising service keeps the rug clean and hygienic. Our cleaners are equipped with advanced tools and eco-friendly solutions to remove dirt contaminants and allergens. Get Rugs sanitising service to live in a fresh and healthy environment. 

Rug Cleaning Methods: 

  • Rug Steam Cleaning:

    This is the most used and recommended rug cleaning method. In this method, we use hot pressurized water and cleaning solutions to inject inside the rug for deep cleaning. Then we use a vacuum to extract the pollutants and water to make the rug clean and hygienic.
  • Rug Dry Cleaning:

    Rug dry cleaning is also a widely used and effective process for rug cleaning. In this process, we use a mix solution of water and a dry cleaning solvent to make the solutions. After that, we vacuum the whole rug to extract the contaminants and all the dirt along with solutions.
  • Rug Shampooing:

    Rug shampooing is an effective cleaning process. We use advanced equipment and the best shampoos to deliver the best outcomes. This process successfully deep clean and sanitises rug. 

Rug Stain Removal

Removing stains is essential to prevent rug damage. Stains get permanent if they are not treated for long time and removing permanent stain is not easy. Stains attract and form germs, bacteria and allergens which can be harmful to health. Our cleaners are trained to remove all kinds of stains. We use advanced cleaning tools and standard solutions to deliver eco-freindly rug stain removal Melbourne. Get rid of stains as soon as you observe. 

Types of Stains

  • Blood stains
  • Urine stains
  • Wine stains
  • Juice stains
  • Mould stains
  • Food stains

End Of Lease Rug Cleaning Melbourne

Moving from one location to another location or need end of lease rug cleaning service? Professional at Rug Cleaning Melbourne offers the best service at an affordable cost. Our cleaners are expert and experienced in delivering the effective end of lease rug cleaning services in Melbourne and its suburbs. We are dedicated to delivering same day end of lease rug cleaning services. Our cleaners are equipped with modern tools and solutions to provide the safe and quick end of lease rug cleaning. We can give a new and fresh look to your rug. Get all kinds of rug cleaning services at the end of the lease with us. Avail our end of lease rug cleaning services at a fair cost.

Local Rug Cleaners

We have a team of local cleaners who can provide rug cleaning services in eastern suburbs, southern suburbs, northern suburbs and western suburbs. Our local cleaners are trained to give a new and fresh look and lifespan to the rug. They use eco-friendly solutions to deliver excellent and safe cleaning results.

  • Certified and licensed local cleaners
  • Our local cleaners have proper knowledge, equipped with modern technology and solutions. 
  • They have years of cleaning experience
  • Our local cleaners can deliver weekend and same day rug cleaning services.

Commercial Rug Cleaning

Because of regular use and high-traffic, rugs get quickly dirty and damages at commercial places. Rugs suffer a lot of germs, hard stains and dirt at commercial areas. Utilising advanced technology and effective solutions, we can give dirt and stain free rug. Our rug cleaning services are effective and affordable for commercial areas. Reach us to avail commercial rug cleaning services in a single day of booking. 

Residential Rug Cleaning Services

Rugs play an important role in home decor. A dirty and unclean rug can destroy the home interior look and hygiene. Avoiding stained, dirty and unclean rug can lead to harmful germs, allergens and also destroy rug’s fibres. Rug cleaning at a residential place is important to maintain freshness and cleanliness. Our cleaners are certified and trained to clean the rugs at residential places. We use modern tools and eco-friendly solutions to deliver child-friendly and safe rug cleaning services. Get your rug cleaned with professional rug cleaners to prevent unhygienic environment and rug damage.

Rug-Cleaning Services
Rug-Cleaning Services

Why Choose Us For Rug Cleaning Melbourne?

Oops Cleaning is known for its excellent customer service. We are focused to deliver all kinds of rug cleaning services in both domestic and commercial areas. 

Our Rug Cleaning Services are Effective and Affordable:

  • Years of experience in the cleaning industry
  • Wide range of rug cleaning services
  • 24*7 service
  • 100% satisfaction results
  • The well-trained and licensed cleaning team
  • Local rug cleaning services
  • Child-friendly and eco-friendly cleaning solutions

Our professional cleaners can make any kind of rug stain and dirt free. Reach us to avail our rug cleaning services on the same day of booking.


Do you provide end of lease rug cleaning?

Yes. We provide end of lease rug cleaning in the whole of Australia. Because our professionals have years of experience and the latest cleaning tools, they provide you with the best end of lease rug cleaning.

How long should I stay away from my rug after its cleaning?

Ideally, you should keep away from your carpet after cleaning for at least 6 hours. But if the walking on it is necessary, then keep socks in your feet and then you should use your rug.

Why does my rug look worse even after cleaning?

That’s because of the residue of soap and shampoo. Because the residue of shampoo and soap is quite sticky and attracts the dirt and dust. But our professional cleaning makes your rugs completely clean without leaving any soap or shampoo’s residue.

In Melbourne, can I get your rug cleaning service on the same day of the booking?

For sure, you can make a booking with us to get any of the rug cleaning services on the same day of booking. We are ready anytime to provide the service.

Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia