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Pest Control Canberra

Pest control is a method used to get rid of insects and small rodents, by removing or destroying them. The first step to effective Pest Control Canberra is to know your enemy and understanding his origin. This can be done with the expertise and assistance of a Pest Control Service provider.

Why is Pest Control Important?

Pests can enter your house or workplace in numerous ways. Your pets can be a carrier to pests in your house. Pests like termites are not even covered by insurance companies. They cause health issues like – stomach infection, diarrhea and dysentery. So, in order to stay away from any kind of pest problems, it is suggested not to delay pest control.

How is Pest Control Done?

There are many ways to do pest control but the main ones are given below:

  1. Biological – This is done by spraying some chemicals which don’t let the pest survive. This is suitable for small predators like mosquitoes. This method is considered harmless and doesn’t disturb our environment.
  2. Physical – Here, the pest is removed by eliminating their breeding grounds, removing things which are used by pests, and cleaning the areas by removing garbage.
  3. Mechanical – Equipment and devices are used to eliminate pests. For example – rodents are removed by putting up traps.

There are also many other techniques such as poisoning the bait, burning the area etc.

Residential Pest Control in Canberra 

Pests can turn your home into a hell. A heavy infestation can make steal your peace. In such situations even DIYs methods do not seem to work and control the situation. That is when you should hire professionals for pest control services. We have been serving in the field for more than a decade and have ample experience and knowledge in dealing with different types  of pests. In case if you are looking the best and affordable pest control service provider on Canberra, look no further than us. Whether you are tired of roaches, rodents, spiders, bed bugs or fleas, we can help you eliminate them and give you a pest-proof home, at affordable prices. 

Commercial Pest Control in Canberra 

Looking for pest exterminators for commercial spaces in Canberra? We can still help. Our team of professionals is highly experienced and trained and knows how to carry out pest control procedure at commercial properties. Here is the list of commerical areas we serve in Canberra. 

  • Theaters 
  • Offices 
  • Shopping complexes
  • Schools 
  • Food processing/storage units
  • Age/child care centres

Cockraoch Control Services 

Cockroaches in the home? Be quick and get them out of your place for a safe and healthy environment in the home. Roaches are a nuisance that cause several health issues. Hence, it is important to treat the infestation as soon as you notice it. The products we use for cockraoch extermination are eco-friendly and high in quality, which means, they are completely safe to humans. So, worry no more and call us to get our quotes. 

Our Pest Control Services

Professional Pest Control Canberra

  • Ant control in Canberra – There are some months of the year in Canberra when it is impossible to avoid the invasion of ants in your house. Ant problem is not easy to remove as it involves a lot of manual effort. So, pest control is the fastest and most assured method way to get rid of ants from your house.
  • Europeans wasps and bee control in Canberra – European wasps and bees generally occur in a wet climate and where there is an abundance of flora. It is advised not to try and remove the nest yourself. Pest Control experts first access the property to determine the best and safest way for removal and then remove it.
  • Cockroach control in Canberra – Presence of cockroach in your house can cause asthma; cockroach poop all over the house can spread diseases all over your cutlery and utensils. Cockroaches also carry disease-causing bacteria.
  • Other pest control in Canberra – Flea, Spider, Rodent, Mosquitoes, Moths, Silverfish and Bed Bugs are also taken care of by our experts.

Why Choose Us?

  • Pest Control team provides effective, safe and economical residential and commercial pest control services.
  • Oops Cleaning staff is insured, fully trained and fully certified.
  • We hold the necessary license and insurance.
  • Efficient, honest and friendly service.
  • We offer a full warranty on all our services.
  • Our team has experts and qualified entomologists.

If you would like to book pest control in Canberra, call at 0488 853 920 today.

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Our Customer’s Reviews

Best Technical Knowledge you may receive

They use the best and latest equipment to eradicate the different pest found in my room and kitchen. I was impressed with their methods of eradication and the technical know-how, they offered me during the pest control services which they provided me at my location.
- Matthew Laura

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I wait until I can clean my house?

Do not make any cleaning work for 5-7 hours after the services. The cleaning work will make the service ineffective. The chemicals take time to show its full effects. Some of the pests get affected sooner and some later so it is advised to avoid cleaning for these time.

What should I expect when I have a pest inspection?

The pest inspection service requires your presence as our inspector will be looking at all the expected corners where pests can grow. We will give the detail about the pest your house has and the chances of further growth.

Are products you use dangerous?

No, we know that the use of harmful chemicals can affects the health of your family member as well as the pets in the house. This can also show its effect on the other objects in the house. We want to keep the environment safe along with your house, so be free of the risk with our services.

Do you also offer same day pest control services?

Yes, we know infestations can be annoying and you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. That is when we come to your rescue with our same day pest control services in Canberra.