Mould on your Upholstery – Some Helpful Mould Removing Tips for you

Upholstery Cleaning is one of the very important steps when you are having some amazing sofas and upholstery at home. Dust and dirt are very common on any upholstery, but if mould starts to form on them, then you need to take immediate action on it. That is because mould can spread very easily and that will start damaging your sofa and couch fabrics as well. Further, it can even cause health issues as well. So, make sure that you are cleaning them from time to time, and if you do not find time for cleaning them, you can always seek the help of professionals. But here are some home remedies list by us Oops Cleaning that you can try at home to remove the mould on your couches and sofas.

Upholstery Mould Removal
Upholstery Mould Removal

What will you Need for Removing Mould from the Couch?

  • Gloves and a respirator
  • Dry cleaner
  • Vacuum filter with a good filter installed
  • Rubbing alcohol and white vinegar.

Procedure for Cleaning:

One important thing to remember when going for mould cleaning is you need to clean in an open space. That is because it is very important to sunlight as that will help in getting rid of the mould completely and also will stop its spread further. Now take a brush and you need to scrub that area where mould is present. Once you are done with scrubbing, you need to clean that place with some fresh water. If the mould is still present, you can repeat the same process. In upholstery cleaning for mould, you should make sure that you are not using the same brush again which you have used for mould removing.

Dry Cleaning:

With the help of a dry cleaner, you should start cleaning the upholstery. If you were unable to remove the mould completely in the previous step, then you can apply some mild detergent on that mould and then clean it with a wet cloth. Now let the Upholstery Dry Cleaning in the sun for some time.

Final Step:

Once the upholstery is sun dried, you should take alcohol in a spray bottle and spray on the upholstery completely. This will stop the growth of the mould and other fungus on your couch. If you alcohol is not your choice, then white vinegar can be its replacement. You need to mix white vinegar along with water and start spraying it on the upholstery. One thing to keep in mind is, mould will grow and spread only in places where there is moist and less air or sun. Make sure to avoid that.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning
Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Hire Fore Good Upholstery Cleaning Services

If you the mould has really grown too large and if you are unable to remove it totally, then you will have to look for the expert help. We Oops Cleaning can help in Mould Removal from Sofa and also other upholstery cleaning services as well. So, just visit our website or you can call us at any time.

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