How to Remove Juice Stains: Natural Remedies

Everyone enjoy drinking fresh juice but on the other hand, it can leave nasty stains on your lovely carpeting. Some types of fruit juice contains citric acid that has a bleaching effect and leaves a permanent stain, primarily when exposed to sunlight. These types of stains are obstinate or stubborn which could be a way of annoying appearance on the carpet.

Well, a carpet stain removal can be applied for removing the stains but it’s your responsibility to take care of your carpet Maintenance. And, we help people in removing their carpet stains by providing them with professional carpet stain removal services in both commercial and residential areas. For homeowners, we have several techniques by which they can remove juice stains from the carpeting.

The apparently obstinate stains such as grape, cranberry, tomato and orange which can be removed without getting professional help. To know how to clean juice stains, use the following steps:

Carpet Stain Removal
Carpet Stain Removal

How to Remove The Stain

  1. If your carpet has juice stain, start your process of carpet stain removal by blotting up the liquid juice as you can. It is very essential to absorb the liquid by using cloth but remember do not scrub harshly the affected area. Begin your blotting process with working from the outside of the stain towards the central point so that you can complete your work like a pro. 
  2. Make a cleaning solution by using liquid dish soap and water. You can also mix white vinegar, if the stain is old and dried. Mix these cleansing items into a small bowl and mix well. Then, dip a clean cloth into the mixture for applying it on the stain. Well, there are several stain removal products in the market. You can also use them for Best Carpet Cleaning Adelaide
  3. Blot the stained area and repeat the process as required with a clean part of the cloth.
  4. Use hydrogen peroxide and ammonia for old dried juice stains. Do not use ammonia to wool carpet– it can damage the carpet fibres). If the stain is old, it is highly recommended that you should hire for professional carpet cleaners to remove the stains so that you may have good appeared carpeting on your floor. 
  5. Use a clean cloth to remove the mixture from the carpeting. Once you have done your work of stain removal, wash the clothing also with chill water to take care of it.
  6. Apply carpet drying process. After cleaning the stain, allow your carpeting to dry up thoroughly. Use fans with high-speed to make your carpet completely dried. 
  7. When you have completed your work, run a vacuum cleaner on the carpeting. This will make your carpet good in appearance. 
Best Carpet Cleaning
Best Carpet Cleaning

Work Smartly and Get Rid of Carpet Stains Professionally

Oops Cleaning is here to help you. We provide a complete solution for all kinds of carpet stains in the areas of Adelaide. We can prolong the life of your carpeting by cleaning them with reliable and safe cleaning detergents. So, call us promptly to get services at your place with no extra charges.

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