How To Keep Carpets Cleaners For a Long Time?

How To Keep Carpets Cleaners For a Long Time
How To Keep Carpets Cleaners For a Long Time

arpets are the biggest part of your home decor. They make a huge difference to your interiors, but only when they are cleaned and spotless. Dirty and stained carpets filch all the elegance and charm from your place. Clean and fresh carpets maintain the look of your home almost effortlessly. But with the constant use, and regular foot-traffic and accidents, your carpets become filthy, stained, and even produce odd smells. However, regular cleaning can keep your floor covering in good condition and make them long lasting. Here in this blog, we are going to share certain tips on carpet cleaning Brisbane that can make your life a little simpler. By following the suggested tips you will be able to keep your carpets clean for a longer time.

Simplest Carpet Cleaning and Maintaining Tips

  1. Apply for Carpet Protection

    Giving your carpets a protection can help keeping them clean for a longer time. For protection, you can place a rug on the high foot-traffic areas. Using the rugs will reduce the amount of dust, dirt and other debris onto your carpet. However, applying carpet Scotchgard is an advanced way to keep dust and stains at par. Most carpets now come with Scotchgard, or you can buy a Scotchgard spray from the market and spray onto your carpet fibre. Or you can also take professional carpet Scotchgard services for the better protection of your carpets.

  2. Use A Doormat At The Entrance

    Putting a welcome mat at the entrance of your home can reduce the amount of dirt on the carpets dramatically. Anyone coming from outside will first place their shoes onto the doormat that will save your carpets from dirt. Also, you can make your carpets a no-shoe zone. Make the habit of leaving the shoes out of your carpets and also force everyone in the home to follow the same rule. This is one of the easiest and simplest tip for keeping your carpets clean for a longer time.

  3. Vacuum Your Carpets Regularly

    Make carpet vacuuming a part of your daily cleaning routine. Carpet vacuuming is the best thing you can do to maintain a good look of your carpets. Regular vacuuming will prevent extract the loose dirt and debris and further prevent the dirt buildup in the carpet. You should vacuum the carpets twice or thrice a week, and at the very least vacuum the carpets once a week. Don’t vacuum, just for the sake of doing it, instead do it slowly and in a proper way. You should clean a carpet in a slow motion to make sure the dirt is completely extracted.

    Carpet Stain Removal Service
    Carpet Stain Removal Service

    Besides regular cleaning, you should use deep clean your carpets once in a while. Carpet steam cleaning is one of the best ways that remove dirt, grime and stains out of your carpets thoroughly.

  4. Trim The Tufts

    Over a certain time period, you may notice snags and tufts coming out of your carpets that make them look worse. Never pull them, always use a pair of scissors to cut the snag and tufts.

  5. Treat The Stains Immediately

    If you want to keep your carpets stain and spot free, it is important to treat the stains as soon as they happen. The longer a stain sits on the carpets the difficult will it be to get rid of it? If you give stain the time to settle inside the fibre, the more elbow grease you have to put in. In order to get rid of the stains, blot the targeted area with a clean cloth instead of rubbing, as rubbing can set the stain deeper.

Hire The Professional Help

For the well being of your carpets, you can hire professional carpet cleaning twice a year. Professional services ensure the complete removal of dust, stains and bacteria living inside the carpet fibre. The team of our professionals at Oops Cleaning Services is highly trained and experience. We are familiar with all the ways to make your carpets clean and sanitised with the help of carpet steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, and carpet shampooing and more.

Same Day Carpet Cleaning Service
Same Day Carpet Cleaning Service

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