How to Fix a Hole in your Carpet?

Carpet repairing is a task that can be messy or untidy sometimes, especially when you have children or pets in your home. It is about every homeowner who has to face these types of issues. Carpet damage can be results of some spills such as cigarette burns and iron burn. You may have to face these issues by also some other mishappenings. These mishappens can ruin a small area of your carpet and make your carpet unattractive. So, it is necessary to remove the damaged section of your carpet as you want to make it better for home appearance. With our useful guidelines, you will be able to work like a pro. Apply our beneficial ways that will make the task of carpet damage repair, is easy for you.

Things to Be Required

  • Knife
  • Duct tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Adhesive or fabric glue
  • Adhesive disk
  • Heavy book (For putting on the carpet surface to affix the patch accurately)

Follow These Given Below Steps to Patch The Carpet Damages

  1. First, Measure the Damaged Area of your Carpet

    You can use a measuring tape to recognise the size of the damaged area of your carpet. It will make easier for you to cut the fibre for carpet patching.
  2. Use Duct Tape to Make a Square Section That Will Be Removed

    Make a draft to make a square around the damaged area of your carpet. Then, check out the position of the square section by using the measuring tape. You have to also measure inside edges of your damaged carpet area to patch it. Then, note down your all measurement on any book to remember while repairing.
  3. Cut Of The Damaged Area of your Carpet for Patching

    Use a sharp knife to trim off the damaged area which is covered previously by duct tape. You can also use the carpet cutting tool for trimming. Cut through both the surface of the damaged carpet area and the backing of it, with just enough pressure. Once you got success in trimming the damaged carpet area, lift it from the carpet surface.
  4. Measure for Replacement Patch

    To replace the damaged carpet area, find an inconspicuous area such as an inside closet or the carpet’s hidden area, under the furniture. Then, measure a patch to fill the carpet’s hole by using measuring tape. Remember that measurements should be accurate for filling the carpet’s hole.
  5. Adjust your Carpet for Receiving The Patch

    Clean the surroundings of square section which you made previously. Use a small amount of water to put off the duct tape. Then, lift the surrounding edges of carpet’s hole and slide the adhesive disk carefully under the carpet’s hole, to prepare your carpet for receiving the patch. The adhesive disk will make your carpet set. So, you can easily repair your carpet.
  6. Set the Patch into The Carpet’s Hole

    Now, you have to fill the carpet’s hole by using the small piece that you cut before from inconspicuous area for patching. Use adhesive glue or fabric glue to make a thin layer along the edges of carpet’s hole. Place that small piece into the hole, make sure that patch will be even or tight and should be sticky correctly. Then, push down the outer edge of your carpet to fix into the hole perfectly. Put a heavy book to set the patch perfectly into the hole and let it leave for 1 or 2 hours. 

Professional Carpet Damage Repair

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