How to Clean and Deodorize a Mattress?

A mattress is the heart of a home. Every homeowner loves their mattress and wants it to clean in the best possible manner. Cleaning mattress results in good and healthy sleep. Sometimes mattress becomes very filthy and stained and thus it leads to many allergies and respiratory problems. Not only this if anyone has asthma or any breathing issues then experts advise to get your mattress cleaning on regular intervals. You not only have to clean the mattress but even deodorize it using the best and natural product for a fresh look. Deodorizing even helps in making your mattress hygienic to use. Regular cleaning and deodorizing will increase the life of your mattress as well as gives you and your family a peaceful sleep.

Best Method For Mattress Cleaning And Deodorizing

Follow the best and simple method to clean and sanitize your lovely mattress.

  • Remove The Covers:

    The first thing you are supposed to do when you get down for mattress cleaning is to remove the covers. It is very important to remove the covers as you cannot clean the mattress without it. You have to put the mattress cover in the washing machine so that it gets cleaned and can later be used.
  • Vacuum The Mattress:

    Once you are done with removing the covers, plug in the vacuum machine. Vacuum your mattress in the right direction. Choose the best vacuum so that there is no kind of harm to the fabric. Vacuuming will help in removing all the dirt particles and food particles out of your mattress. Regular vacuuming is very important so that your mattress is dirt free. Do the vacuum on both sides of your mattress. You should clean the mattress from either side so that there is no chance of any kind of dirt particles left in it. While performing vacuuming make sure you note down the stains which you observe on your mattress. It later helps in effectively treating those stains.
  • Mattress Stain Removal:

    After you vacuum your mattress all you have to do is treat the stains present on your mattress. Stains can be in any form such as urine stains, blood stains, food stains, wine stains and so on. Different types of stains have different types of solution. Determine what kind of stain it is and then later use the appropriate and safe solution to clean it. While choosing the solution, ensure that is suitable for your fabric. It is easy to remove fresh stains from the mattress whereas it takes so much time and energy to remove the old stains. Use can remove the stains using natural home remedies such as white vinegar and so on. There are many other natural remedies are suggested for mattress stain removal.
  • Steam Cleaning Or Dry Cleaning:

    Steam cleaning and dry cleaning are the two methods through which you can clean your mattress. Choose this method if your mattress is very stained and filthy otherwise, you can just vacuum it and remove the small stains and later dry it. These methods need a very keen concentration. Mostly they are performed by the professionals but if you have any idea about it and have got mattress steamers and dryers then you can go ahead with these cleaning methods. While performing this method make sure you are using less amount of water as liquid and mattress foam doesn’t go hand in hand.
  • Deodorization:

    Deodorizing and sanitizing the mattress is very essential. If you find your mattress smelling then use some best product and sanitize it. There are many natural ways through which you can sanitize your mattress such as `baking soda and so on. You can sprinkle the baking soda over your mattress for about 30 minutes and then later vacuum it. Baking soda can easily found in all the kitchen and is well known for sanitizing a mattress in the best manner. Deodorizing will help in removing the bad odours out of your mattress as well give a new and fresh look.
  • Dry The Mattress:

    Dry your mattress after cleaning it and sanitizing it. Use the best dryers and open your window for quick drying. The mattress needs a minimum of 18 hours for drying. Make sure you are drying the mattress completely before using it. If the mattress is not dried completely and you have put it to use then there is a chance of mould growth.
  • Protect The Mattress:

    In the end, you can protect your mattress using covers. It is very necessary to cover the mattress with a clean bed sheet. There are many other products through which you can cover the mattress. But make sure you are protecting the mattress with the cleaned covers and then you can use it.
Mattress Cleaning Services
Mattress Cleaning Services

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