How To Clean A Cotton Rug at Home

Having a rug in your home not just tends to increase the decor presentation of your place but also lets you feel warm and classy. Basically, rugs are designed out of multiple fabrics, but picking the one that delivers you with the quality look and maintaining the same is a challenging task. Especially if the rug turns out to be a little expensive. Self-cleaning your rugs is undoubtedly an amazing idea but do you know how to clean ‌a ‌cotton‌ ‌rug‌ ‌at‌ ‌home‌?

Cotton is most of the time considered as one of the best fabric rugs. The reason is its lightweight and affordable rug that a common man can have in their homes. At the same time, it is washable. You need to also test them from the colour side. The same shall not turn out to fade in the short time from the purchase. However, cotton fabrics do tend to colourfast up to some extent. Hence, it is highly recommended to dry clean your rug.

Moving further, every other rug fabric has different knacks to clean them. Hence, handling the cleaning process with utmost care looks forward to having prolonged rug life. Here let us begin with the steps to clean‌ a cotton rug at home‌.

Possibility #1: If you have dust accumulation

Vacuuming the rug is the best possible practice you can do when you get to sense muddy air around your rug area.

Possibility #2: If you have stains on your rug

Step1: Vacuum thoroughly first. Soft hand wash the stained area with mild detergent. 

Step 2: You can use a soft brush or a sponge to get rid of the stains. 

Step 3: The next you can do is rinse the area properly with the blend of water and white vinegar to eliminate the residue. 

Step 4: Furthermore, you’ll need to roll the rug inside the thick towel to soak as much moisture as you can. Lastly, hang it in the air to dry properly.

Possibility #3: Small Cotton Rugs

Step 1: Vacuum it.

Step 2: A front load washer can be the ideal trick by setting it on delicate cycle mode.

Step 3: Use mild detergent with cold water to rinse it thoroughly.

Step 4: Keep one rug at a time in your washer to avoid discolouration and mixing of colours.

Possibility #4: Large Cotton Rugs

It would be highly advised to hire a professional rug cleaner if you have large cotton rugs to clean. But if you still think to try it on your own then here is a rug dry-cleaning kit for DIY that you will have to purchase. NOTE: Do not scrub at any time.

Step 1: Vacuum your rug front and back properly to eliminate major dust settled on it.

Step 2: Scatter rug dry cleaning powder from your DIY kit on the entire surface of your rug.

Step 3: Grab the brush from the DIY kit and soft brush it gently into your rug’s fibre.

Step 4: Vacuum the powder again thoroughly to feel the freshness on your rug and around you.

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