How Long Does A Couch Take To Become Dry After Cleaning

You can clean a couch in many ways. Sometimes, the couch on the whole is clean but it might have a stain from when you spilled a drink on it or some grease spots. When this happens you might decide to clean just these spots or remove several stains. 

However, it is recommended that you clean your whole couch every three months, as dirt and dust particles do accumulate in between the fabric fibres. So even when your couch appears to be clean, it might just be attracting germs and if you do not take care of it, you will have a pest infestation as well as several diseases to deal with before long. 

Now once you clean your couch, the time it will take to dry will depend upon the fabric of the couch, the method of cleaning used and the products used for cleaning.

Factors Determining the Dry Time of Couch

If you ask professional cleaners in Perth to clean your Upholstery, then they will most likely use the hot water extraction method. In this method, the cleaning solution dissolved hot water is used to draw out the grime and the dust particles from between the fibres. Then clean water is used to rinse the couch and wash off the soap. 

When this method is used, the whole couch becomes wet and therefore needs to be dried thoroughly. The drying process takes about 8 to 12 hours. Many professional cleaners bring high powered fans to draw out the moisture and completely dry the couch. These fans can speed up the drying process considerably. If there is proper airflow then even a professionally cleaned couch can be dried in under 8 hours. 

If you are cleaning just stains or grease spots then it will not take long for those areas to dry. You will be applying the cleaning or the stain removal agent to specific areas. If you use solvents to get rid of grease spots or stains, you can blot those areas with a clean, dry towel after wiping with a clean, damp cloth. 

This not only rinses the soap but also quickens the drying process. The affected areas of the couch, when cleaned with such products take about an hour to dry completely. Often we use pastes or powders to clean stains. These, after sitting for a while, can be cleaned completely with a vacuum cleaner. Thus, no time is required for drying as water or water-based cleaning solutions have not been used at all. 

Cleaning and drying a couch depends a lot on the material of the couch. Do not use water or water-based solvents on couches that are not suitable for such products. It will take an impossibly long time to dry (more than 12 hours, to say the least) and in the end, the fabric might be completely damaged. 

Vacuum your couch properly and you can also steam clean it to draw out as much moisture as possible. If you use the right methods, your couch will be dry quite soon. Also, keep in mind, that no matter how long it takes, a couch should not be used before it has become completely dry. 

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