Health Issues Associated With Dirty Carpets

Carpets surround us in our homes and offices. Carpets play an important role in our domestic and commercial environment. Many layers of fibres are layered into each other to form a carpet providing us with comfort and adding beauty to our interior and decors. So its comfortable to say that overall integrity and quality of carpets have a direct effect on our health and to that of our loved ones. Proper care of the carpets in our bedrooms and halls must be taken. Carpets attract a lot of dirt and dead skin cells daily if there is a  contact with water it may result in the development of bacteria and other germs. So to avoid any disease or harm from dirty carpets we are providing a little information on health issues associated with dirty carpets. Keep reading below.

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning

How Dirty Carpets Can Affect Your Health?

  • Allergies and Breathing Problems

    Dirty carpets all around our bedroom and closed spaces filled with of a lot of dust may decrease the overall air qualities. This lack of pure fresh air and inhalation of dust particles can seriously affect the elderly and infants. Many diseases like bronchitis, COPD and asthma are associated with polluted air. Even healthy people can experience difficulty in breathing. Vacuum clean your carpets daily and use a brush to remove the mud trapped on the surface.

  • Mould Infestation

    If carpets soak water and retain the moisture fungus can be formed. Mould infestation is very common among dirty wet carpets. Mould or mildew form as a black layer on the carpets and these fungi can release spores in the air. This spores can cause skin irritations and chest allergies. Risk of other fungal infections increases drastically and it can be very dangerous to live in this environment. Get professional carpet cleaning services for carpet sanitization.

  • Bacterial and Microbial Infections

    Carpets are prone to food stains and food spill. Stains of milk, food, ketchup, coffee, chocolates and any form of food or liquid can create a breeding ground for bacteria and other germs. Some bacterial infections can be caused by skin contact, so its necassary to control the hygiene of your carpets and avoid the use of dirty carpets. Take carpet stain removal seriousy.
    Proper sanitizing of carpets be done by professional carpet cleaners like OOPS CLEANING.

    Carpet Sanitization
    Carpet Sanitization


After being aware of health issues associated with dirty carpets we are sure that you will start taking carpet cleaning and carpet stain removal very seriously. Oops Cleaning deal in any kind of dirty carpet leaning and carpet restorations. Our expert team of professional carpet cleaners uses efficient tools and machinery to deliver you the best results. Your carpets will be fresh in a day.

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