DIY Oil Stain Removal From The Carpet

Carpet Oil Stain Removal

If you happen to notice dark black oily stains on the carpet or if you spill some oil over it make sure you follow carpet oil stain removal instantly. Common sources of oil stains include wax, lotion, eggnog, butter, mayonnaise, cream and cooking. Oil and greasy stains are very nasty as they can trap a […]

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DIYs For Upholstery Stain Removal at Home

Upholstery Stain Removal

Upholstery, couches and sofas are considered as an excellent source of comfort and also provides beauty to our interiors and decors. Upholstery and couches are not only our investment but also a big part of our home environment.  Any damage and contamination of our couch can affect our health and the health of our family […]

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Steps For Removing Oil Stains From The Mattress

Mattress Oil Stain Removal

Mattresses provide us with comfort and coziness during the sleep hours, they help us a lot. We need to take a proper care of the mattress to maintain its quality and life and avoid any damage. To clean the mattress is an easy work, there is not much hard work required for mattress cleaning. Stain, […]

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DIY Couch Cleaning Tips

Couch Stain Removal

Couches are very much the best comfort zones in our homes apart from our beds. We all love to be a couch potato and binge eat while sitting and watching tv. That makes our couches to deal with a lot of stains and dirt. We are sure no one wants to sit and relax on […]

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Health Issues Associated With Dirty Carpets

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets surround us in our homes and offices. Carpets play an important role in our domestic and commercial environment. Many layers of fibres are layered into each other to form a carpet providing us with comfort and adding beauty to our interior and decors. So its comfortable to say that overall integrity and quality of […]

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How To Keep Carpets Cleaners For a Long Time?

How to keep Carpets Cleaners for Long

C arpets are the biggest part of your home decor. They make a huge difference to your interiors, but only when they are cleaned and spotless. Dirty and stained carpets filch all the elegance and charm from your place. Clean and fresh carpets maintain the look of your home almost effortlessly. But with the constant […]

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6 tips, tricks and secrets for carpet cleaning

Best Carpet Cleaners

No matter how to safeguard your carpet, the stain and dirt will fall on them. Just like wood and tiles floor, they also need daily attention or the condition will become worse. One cannot deny that carpet is useful and they have multiple benefits. Maintenance is the key to keep a clean and sanitize carpet. […]

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