Carpet Cleaning Point Lookout

Get Amazing Results for Carpet Cleaning in Point Lookout

Carpet Cleaning Point Lookout offers the best carpet steam cleaning, carpet shampooing, carpet stain removal and carpet deodorisation services.

Oops Carpet Cleaning offers the cheapest prices from $99 call now: 1300 513 369. We offer eco-friendly carpet cleaning throughout Point Lookout.

  • Over 15 Years Of Experience
  • Same Day Bookings in Northern Suburbs of Point Lookout
  • Queensland’s Most Experience Carpet Cleaners
  • No Hidden Prices
  • Free Advice to suit your need and no-obligation quotes
  • Carpet Healthgard & Stain Protection
  • Rug Steam Cleaning
  • Emergency Carpet Flood Restoration Service
Carpet Cleaning Point Lookout
Carpet Cleaning Point Lookout

Carpet Steam Cleaning Point Lookout, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast and Toowoomba just from $99

We Serve Everywhere in Point Lookout 

Oops Cleaning Services offer Carpet Steam Cleaning in  Point Lookout, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast and Toowoomba just from $99. Call Oops Cleaning team offers best carpet cleaning services across at the affordable prices with the best quality. Our specialise and world-class services include carpet stain removal, carpet steam cleaning, deep carpet cleaning, carpet shampooing, carpet dry cleaning, carpet repair, carpet mould restoration, pet stain and odour removal, pet hair removal, carpet Scotchgard protection, vomit stain removal, blood stain removal and more.

Carpets are your investments that remarkably enhance the look of your home. And you definitely would want to use them in the long run, and for that, you have to keep the carpets clean and maintained. Oops, Cleaning Point Lookout does this job for you perfectly. We are the most trusted & professional Australia-based carpet cleaning company in Point Lookout serving the locals for many years.  We have extended our carpet cleaning services across all suburbs of Point Lookout. So, call us today and get the best services for Carpet Cleaning in Point Lookout.

What are Our Specialties in Carpet Cleaning Point Lookout?

  1. No Obligation Free Quote
  2. Flexible working schedule
  3. Fully Insured, Trained Carpet Cleaning Specialists
  4. Working on Weekends and Public Holidays
  5. Over two decades of experience
  6. Serving all the areas of Point Lookout
  7. Scotchgard Stain Protection
  8. Eco-friendly Products
Carpet Steam Cleaning
Carpet Steam Cleaning Point Lookout

Why is Professional Carpet Cleaning Important?

It can be quite tough to restore the beauty of your carpet and keeping it smelling fresh for a long time. With the passage of time, the floor coverings can unavoidably get stained, hold unpleasant odours, and show spots. A DIY (Do It Yourself) cleaning job can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. Additionally, many stain and spot removers just do not trick.
Dust can often gather on the fabric of the carpet. The dust particles are released from the fabric of the floor covering, which are inhaled through the lungs causing a number of serious respiratory issues. A thorough and regular deep-clean of your carpet will prolong its life and eventually your health, as well.

Benefits You Enjoy By Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners 

  • Removal of Unpleasant Odors: You can find unsavoury odours trapped in your carpet, which also produce an unpleasant aroma all over your home. The professional cleaning services we offer in Point Lookout can help you remove these unwanted odours, thus, giving your home a pleasant and fresh ambience.
  • No More Allergies: Clean floor coverings help reduce the number of allergies along with other health issues like eczema and asthma. A dirty and dusty carpet can become a source of irritants whenever it is walked upon. By keeping your floor coverings clean, you can enjoy a cleaner and healthier air, combined with numerous health benefits.
  • Prevent Mould Growth: If you regularly clean your carpet, it can prevent the growth of mildew as well as mould. With the help of our high power cleaning and drying equipment, we can successfully eliminate moisture. Thus, you can prevent the growth of mould, which can be very harmful to your health.
carpet stain removal
carpet stain removal

Affordable Carpet Cleaning? Look No Further!

Get to Oops Cleaning if you are looking for a company that can give you carpet cleaning service at affordable rates. We are here in Point Lookout celebrating the success of 20 years and giving you excellent carpet cleaning services that will make you completely happy. You can get in touch with for the best services we offer countless beneficial services.

OOP’s Carpet Cleaning Prices Point Lookout

Now get Carpet Flee Treatment$29* (per sqm)

Carpet Steam Cleaning Hot Water Extraction
Standard Room $27*
Lounge Room $35*
Hallway Steam Cleaning $25*
Stairs $5.00* (per stair)
Carpet Protection $3* (per sqm)

* Current prices are after 30% Discount.

Effective Carpet Cleaning Methods

Staining of carpet is a natural process, you can’t stop that from happening but you certainly can clean them to the perfection with the advanced cleaning techniques. Different kinds of stains require different treatments and the most effective ways to get rid of tough stains are- Carpet Steam Cleaning and Carpet Dry cleaning.

Carpet Steam Cleaning
Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning Point Lookout

Steam Carpet Cleaning is one of the widely used methods which carried out to remove the tough set-in stains and the dirt accumulated in the carpet fibre base. The process of carpet steam cleaning Point Lookout includes uses Hot water extraction method, where the carpets are infused with the effective cleaning solutions and steam deeper into its layers. Then after some time, the water and cleaning solution is extracted from the carpets which in turn pulls out the contaminants, dirt and stains effectively.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpet Dry Cleaning Point Lookout

Carpet Dry Cleaning is another one of the best carpet cleaning methods which mostly is carried out when the carpet gets stained due to water damage or to remove plant-based stains. In this method, we dust your floor coverings with dry powder, which is allowed to sit on the carpet fibres for several minutes to break down the stains and lose the dirt particles. We agitate dry cleaning solution deeper into the carpet fibre. In the last, the cleaning solution is extracted with the help of heavy-duty vacuums.

Carpet Stain Removal

Carpet Stain Removal Point Lookout

Get rid of those annoying and stubborn stains from your carpet with the help of professionals. Our cleaners at Oops Cleaning are expert in providing all kinds of services related to your carpets including stain removal and carpet fibre protection. We use effective cleaning solutions that break down the stains without damaging the carpet fibre. The cleaning solutions we use are high in quality and do not cause any kind of harm to humans or pets.

Carpet Mould Removal

Carpet Mould Removal Point Lookout

Mouldy carpets? Get them treated right away with the help of the best carpet cleaning team in Point Lookout. Wondering why do you need professional carpet mould removal services? For the sake of your family’s health. Mould on the carpets is one of the major reasons for disease in the home. And exposure to mould can cause respiratory disorders, asthma, coughing, sneezing and many other allergic conditions. Hence, it is wise you take professional’s help for treating mould instead of doing it your own.

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Hot water extraction is one of the best methods which is used to restore the original condition of your carpets. We have been working in the industry for over two decades, which helped us to earn the best skills and adopt the right cleaning methods for cleaning your carpets, and this technique is one of them. This procedure involves the injection of carpet with specialised cleaning solutions along with the hot water. The water and solution are then extracted using heavy duty vacuum leaving a clean and sanitised carpet behind.

Stairs Carpet Cleaning Point Lookout

Oops Carpet Cleaning team can also clean the carpets on your stairs. Our wide range of services also includes stairs carpet cleaning. Stairs receive heavy-foot traffic, thus, they tend to get dirty frequently. While cleaning your home carpets, we are constantly chasing the goal of customer satisfaction. The cleaning team of our professionals has earned relevant skills and appropriate experience in the field that help them deliver you the desired results. By hiring us for your carpet restorations needs, you make the best choice for the health of your carpet.

Wool Carpet Cleaning Point Lookout

No matter what the type of carpets you own in the home, we can effectively clean, sanitise and protect it from future contamination. The professionals of Carpet Cleaning, first of all, thoroughly inspect the fibre of the carpet for the effective removal of stains, grime and pollutants. Once the inspection is done, we carry out the cleaning procedure followed by carpet stain treatment. Once, we have cleaned the carpets, quick-drying them is our next step, so, you can use them as soon as possible. When it comes to carpet cleaning and sanitising, we are second to none. So, do not wait anymore and get the best carpet restoration services.

Wool Carpet Cleaning Point Lookout
Wool Carpet Cleaning Point Lookout

Our Carpet Cleaning Services Point Lookout

We offer the most affordable and professional carpet cleaning services in Point Lookout. Our carpet cleaners are certified and available 24 hours in your service.

  1. Carpet steam cleaning
  2. Carpet dry cleaning
  3. Carpet shampooing
  4. Carpet stain removal
  5. Red wine stain removal from carpet
  6. Carpet Sanitising
  7. pH Check
  8. Carpet deodorising
  9. Hot water extraction carpet cleaning
  10. Carpet fire and smoke restoration
  11. Carpet shampooing
  12. Water damage restoration
  13. Coffee or tea carpet stains removal
  14. Pet hair removal from carpet
  15. Remove Pet urine odour from Carpet
  16. Carpet mould restoration
  17. Carpet flood water extraction service
  18. Pet Stain And Odour Removal service
  19. Anti-allergic carpet steam cleaning by using natural detergents
  20. Carpet sewage restoration
  21. Bloodstain removal from carpet
  22. Domestic carpet cleaning
  23. Commercial carpet cleaning
  24. Hot water system leak on carpet service
  25. Carpet dirt removal service
  26. Vomit stain removal from carpet
  27. Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning
  28. Carpet repair and re-Install
  29. Emergency carpet cleaning services

Red Wine Stain Removal From Carpet Point Lookout

We at Oops Cleaning offer world-class services for carpet stain removal. With the help of right cleaning solutions and best techniques we can clean almost all kinds of stains from your floor coverings, including red wine stains. Red wine becomes a tough stain that makes your carpet look ugly and unattractive. It is always best to remove wine from the carpet when it is still fresh. But, if the stain on the carpet has dried, you need professionals to help. So, call us today and get the best services for red wine stain removal.

Red Wine Stain Removal From Carpet
Red Wine Stain Removal From Carpet

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Oops Cleaning provides quality carpet cleaning services, we serve both commercial and residential clients. For commercial clients we have all the necessary equipment, gadgets and heavy truck mounted cleaning machinery. Our technicians are also trained in delivering quality carpet cleaning services. If you’re looking for a reputed and good company who can provide you with the commercial carpet cleaning services, you can choose us. For booking dial, our toll-free number and we assure you that we will do our best to serve you with the quality service.

Our Carpet Cleaning Point Lookout Process

Oops Cleaning offers extremely trained professionals for carpet cleaning in Point Lookout. We use a myriad number of procedures to assist care for your floors. Listed below are a few of the most common cleaning method used by our certified professionals:

  1. Vacuum Clean all the areas: 

    Before starting the cleaning procedure, our specialist vacuum cleans all the areas to extract the loose dirt and contaminant from the carpets.

  2. Stain Pre-treatment:

    Afterwards, the stains on the carpet are pre-treated using special cleaning solutions. Then cleaning solution is left in the carpet for several minutes to let react with the dirt and stains.

  3. Carpet Shampooing:

    Carpet shampooing is one of the oldest and widely employed methods of carpet cleaning. The floor covering is first thoroughly vacuumed using an exceptionally powerful vacuum cleaner. After that, a foamy shampoo is directly applied to the surface. The shampoo is then meticulously distributed to the carpet’s surface with the help of a rotating brush.

  4. Hot Water Extraction:

    We are specialized in hot water extraction, which is also called carpet steam cleaning. In this process, water is heated near to the boiling point and forcefully applied deep into the carpet utilizing a high-pressure hose. It helps to loosen dirt, whereas the device draws away the debris and moisture to leave behind a fresh, clean, spotless, and dry carpet.

  5. Dry Cleaning:

    For the dry cleaning method, our professionals use little or no water to clean the floor covering. This procedure is the best option for fragile carpets that are made from sisal, hemp, or other natural fibres. Firstly, a specially made compound is applied onto the surface, and then it is brushed with a machine. Soon after, careful vacuuming is done to clean and dry it properly.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Point Lookout 

We at Oops Cleaning believe in offering the quality carpet cleaning services without burning a hole in your pocket. Our cleaning agents deliver the best cleaning services using eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are completely safe for your family and pets. So, free your mind from the worries of allergies or other skin problems. We also don’t charge extra for the same day, weekend and public holiday carpet cleaning services. The cleaners offer value for your money.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Services
Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Services

Our Experience in Carpet Cleaning in Point Lookout

We are local & family cleaning business over 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry. Our cleaners work 7 days a week, including public holidays. We have a wide range of satisfied domestic & commercial customers. Through our unparalleled, fast services, we can save your time. We have been serving our customers for a really long time and have been successfully catering to their personal needs. So, stop trying the home remedies or DIYs to clean the carpets on your own, and call our professionals any time according to your convenience. Believe us, you won’t regret with our services and will surely choose us in future.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Point Lookout

Besides residential spaces, our Professional Carpet Cleaning teams also offer our specialise services at commercial as well as industrial premises. With the help of our state-of-art equipment and cleaning kits, we are capable of delivering high-end carpet cleaning results with the utmost perfection and least disturbance. The cleaning team of our professionals make sure, the work environment is not hampered while we are doing our carpet cleaning job. So, wait no more, call our customer care representative team, get your quotes and bring our technicians to your place.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Services in Point Lookout

Oops, Cleaning is providing its most effective and efficient services at a cost which nobody hesitates in affording. We deliver our best services in all residential areas in Point Lookout. Our team knows exactly how to clean a stained carpet with the help of reliable and top-notch appliances. We know all the right techniques as well. Get to us at your convenience.

Restore Your Rugs to New With Oops Cleaning Point Lookout

Rugs is really a useful object that we use in our houses and on where we sit infrequently. And rugs get dirty easily too. We should maintain it completely cleaned in order to keep the environment of the house fresh and dirty rugs can be borne infirmities and other skin infection as well. Therefore, you should keep it cleaned by hiring a trusted carpet cleaning firm like Oops Cleaning.

Scotchguard Carpet Stain Protection

We don’t only provide carpet cleaning but carpet stain protection is our other major job. Our team is capable of protecting almost any type of carpet. Carpet stain protection is very important as carpet maintaining a carpet in a healthy condition. We offer carpet protection services to homes, offices, shopping centres, shops, Medical centres and more. Following are the types of carpets our professional team handles:

  • Polyester carpet cleaning and protection
  • Nylon carpet cleaning and protection
  • Olefin carpet cleaning and protection
  • Acrylic carpet cleaning and protection
  • Wool carpet cleaning and protection
  • Smart stand carpet cleaning and protection
Carpet Stain Protection
Carpet Stain Protection

We Repair Your Carpets as Well!

If your carpets have got damaged then you don’t have to worry simultaneously with carpet cleaning we repair your carpets as well. Our professional crew knows all the accurate and effective techniques to repair your carpets. All you need to do is just call us if your carpet gets damaged for any reason. We are available for our customers on weekends as well.

Flooded Carpets? We Can Still Help.

Dealing with carpets that have to get damaged by a flood? Get to us we are here providing you services for flood-damaged carpets. Flood impacts on the carpets can be really hazardous. It can totally deteriorate the fibres of the carpet and only the professionals can repair them accurately for you. So get to the experts of Oops Cleaning today.

Say No Carpet Odours With Us.

When the carpet becomes stained and doesn’t get a proper cleaning it starts releasing odour from it which is a sign that it requires to be washed thoroughly. And to maintain it clean and unsoiled you can lease the experts of Oops Cleaning to get the excellent solutions. We are the protectors of your carpets.

Same Day Carpet Cleaning Services in Point Lookout

Carpets require routine cleaning time to time so as to maintain their quality and integrity. But most of us don’t have enough time to carry out self-cleaning of the carpet. Oops Cleaning is a professional carpet cleaning service that can provide you with same day carpet cleaning services in Point Lookout. Our professional carpet cleaners have experience and training thus we can deliver any carpet cleaning service within 24 hours. We will reach your doorstep and attend your carpets and finish the work within the same day of hiring. Now avail the benefits of our same day carpet cleaning services at affordable costs. Save your money and time by hiring Oops Cleaning and get your carpets professionally cleaned within a day.

Same Day  Carpet Cleaning Point Lookout
Same Day Carpet Cleaning Point Lookout

Why Choose OOPS for  Carpet Cleaning Point Lookout?

If you are looking for affordable carpet cleaning services in Point Lookout, then Oops Cleaning is the best choice for you. We ensure that your carpets will be cleaned effectively and safely. Our technicians are skilled in water damage carpet restoration, stain removal, carpet flood restoration, odour removal, dog urine stains cleaning, and many more.

Oops Cleaning is the first preference of people because of the following reasons:
  • Reliability: We have been in business in Point Lookout providing the best service for 20 years. It is impossible to stay in business for such a long time without giving your clientele what they wish for. It includes an excellent job, backed by outstanding service, and the compliance to stand behind our work. We are committed to doing the job right.
  • Expert Professionals: Our trained professionals are second to none. They are certified technicians who are knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and completely dedicated to their job. They all are skilfully prepared to take good care of your carpet, thereby, protecting your asset at every turn.
  • Latest in Technology Equipment: It is difficult to do a professional job without specialized equipment. That’s why Oops Cleaning invested in the highest quality devices and machines accessible on the market today. Our modern carpet cleaning systems in Point Lookout do the job in an amazing way, just leaving your carpets fresh and clean.
  • Cheap Price in Point Lookout: We can beat any written quote.

Carpet Cleaning in Point Lookout Oops Cleaning offers same day, emergency services 24×7. Our considerate professionals are ready to serve you at any time of the day. Our company ensures to assist you in the best possible way.
Just call us on 1300 513 369 to get a free quotation!

Frequently Asked Questions on Carpet Cleaning Point Lookout:

Do you give guaranteed stain removal service?

Some stains are old and stubborn in nature. If your carpet has also these types of stains, we can light them but would not be able to remove them properly because of their stubbornness. But still, we can assure you that we will provide the best and effective carpet stain removal services by using our professional techniques.

Can you remove urine stain from my carpet?

Our professional cleaners are talented, experienced and skilled in their cleaning job. They can clean your carpet by using the best procedure of stain removal. We use always safe, effective and efficient cleaning methods. We can easily remove urine stains from your carpets. So, be quick and call us for getting our professional carpet stain removal services.

Can I use vinegar and baking soda for removing cat urine from carpet?

Smart Tips to get rid of urine stains
If you are dealing with fresh stain n your carpet then absorb the stain as soon as possible by blotting up. Vinegar has qualities to remove stubborn stains. So, apply the mixture of water and vinegar solution, on the affected area of your carpet. And, then leave it for 15 minutes. Finally, you can clean your carpet with cleaning detergents or dish soap.
If you don’t want to waste your time, then easily hire our professional cleaners. We will provide you with excellent carpet stain removal services at your desired place.

Can we walk on the carpet just after cleaning?

No, the carpet takes 6-7 hours after cleaning to get properly dry. If you will walk on a wet carpet then the carpet will get dirty and stained immediately as the dirt can easily settle down. The marks created in the wet condition are tougher to be removed. Keep away the children as well as pets as they will not understand this. Give it proper time and then only take it in use else you may face many cleaning issues.

Our Office in Point Lookout

Location: Point Lookout, QLD, Australia


Quality Service

I would like to recommend this company to everyone. They have highly professional and trained staff that never hesitates to put in extra efforts to please their customers. They offer quality carpet cleaning services at the best prices in Melbourne! They not just clean but also sanitize the carpet and this gives us another reason to choose them every time we want carpets to be cleaned. If you book the Oops Cleaning carpets cleaners then trust me you would definitely like to hire them for all your future carpet cleaning needs.
- Riley

The Best Carpet Cleaners

They are the best in Brisbane for carpet steam cleaning. Very professional carpet cleaners removed all the stains and spots form our carpets. Would love to recommend to others.
- Rich

Cost Effective

I recommend Oops Cleaning to everyone as they are providing cost-effective carpet cleaning services to their clients in Brisbane. I am very much satisfied with their job. The one thing that attracted me the most is they use no chemicals while performing the carpet cleaning task. Their performance is commendable. My carpets are shining now just like it was the first time bought by my husband and all the credit goes to the hardworking team of Oops Cleaning. The pricing is also great. They have a good reputation in the industry. You can completely trust their services.
- Leigh

Commendable Job

I would like to highly recommend this company to everyone in the town who is looking for an excellent carpet cleaning service provider. I have used their carpet steam cleaning service and I very much impressed by the result. My carpet is looking fabulous after it got steam cleaned all thanks to the team of Oops Cleaning. They did a commendable carpet steam cleaning job at my place. I found them less expensive too. They offer cost-effective carpet steam cleaning service in brisbane.
- Eva Mendes

There is no match of Oops Cleaning in carpet cleaning

Some of the carpet cleaning companies are not up to the mark as they have a lot of cons. This includes lack of professionals in the team that downgrades their wash. However, this was not the case with Oops Cleaning as they have amazing team of professionals who can clean any type of carpet with ease.
- Elby

Superior and Professional Work

I run a small hotel and faced the issue of the dirty carpet after 10 to 12 days. so I was recommended to Oops Cleaning the team came and clean my carpet after 10 days with superior and professional work. I can not hope for anyone better this company. thank you, team. highly recommended them.
- Blanchett

No match of steam cleaning by Oops Cleaning

I washed my carpet by myself due to which it became a little rough. So, I thought to give a try to professional carpet cleaning. Oops Cleaning is the best in our city and so, I gave my carpet to it. They performed steam cleaning on it that made the carpet smoother again.
- Frankie Cook

”Unbelievable Result”

Thank you Oops Cleaning team our expensive carpets looks amazing now. Our new and expensive carpets were stained and I thought that those stains will even go but thanks to the team of Oops Cleaning. They came up with the best solution to clean my stained carpet and delivered an unbelievable result. The professionals of Oops Cleaning have the proper knowledge and are very talented. We really liked their work approach. We are so happy to see our expensive carpets getting back its original look again. We're very impressed and happy with the outcome. I will definitely recommend Oops Cleaning to everyone.
- Ludacris

Best Carpet Cleaners

Oops Cleaning has got the best carpets cleaners in the town. They are fully certified, licensed and well trained to perform the carpet cleaning task. We are using their service for five years now and always received great service. The team gives a guaranteed result. They have never let down us with their work. They handle all our carpet cleaning work and we are very happy to deal with them because they are cost-effective. You can rely on them for all commercial and residential carpet cleaning works. They are specialised in carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning. And they are not very expensive too. So do not look further and get your carpets cleaned by the highly experienced carpet cleaners of Oops Cleaning.
- Ti Max

Get your carpets clean with Oops Cleaning company if is affected in heavy traffic

My house is located in the busy area of the city. So the carpets often get dirty. It takes a good time to clean such carpets. One day I called this carpet cleaning company. They came and took very less time to clean my dirty carpets. Much thanks to the experienced staffs
- Wie

Safe Solution

I was really concerned about the solution the cleaners will use in carpet cleaning but when I saw Oops Cleaning cleaners using the safe solution I was very happy. I really want to thanks the team for taking great initiation. They responded well to all my calls and the cleaners were also friendly and quick. I am more than satisfied with their work and will definitely suggest their name to all the people who want to get their carpets cleaned by highly professionals cleaners using a safe solution.
- Riley Erin

"Proficient Service"

They rendered me proficient carpet cleaning services at surprisingly reduced cost. Their master Carpet Cleaners are available 24/7 to provide you with the finest carpet steam cleaning services. I'm so glad that I chose them. Thank you!
- Dean Geyer

"Magnificient Aids"

I'm happy that they hand me the magnificent assistance from their Cleaning Service. The best thing about them is that they render expert Carpet Cleaning aids. I would like to introduce their Carpet Cleaning Service to my colleagues. Thank you!
- Baylen

”Superb Cleaners”

Wow! I am glad that my carpets got cleaned by one of the finest carpet cleaners of the town. They are just excellent. So professional and friendly. The Oops Cleaning team know how to clean the bad old carpet and make it new. They did it so easily and effectively. I must say Oops Cleaning have got a dynamic and smart team to perform the carpet cleaning task in Perth. They use the right method to clean the carpets and ensure to remove mould, bacteria, and fungi from it. The cleaners of Oops Cleaning are superb and delivers absolute satisfaction. Would use their service again!
- Tinny

”Best Experience Service I've Had”

I strongly recommend Oops Cleaning to all looking for a nice, quick, professional, and affordable carpet cleaning service anywhere in Melbourne. I had the best carpet cleaning experience. I am extremely happy with them. We have used their services many-a-times in the last 2 years. The results have always been fantastic and more than expected. A lovely job done by these guys.
- Oliver

Best Recommended Carpet Cleaning Company

There are many carpet cleaning companies that have their own specialty. However, the most different from them was Oops Cleaning. Its carpet cleaning was on par with others. I would recommend everyone to go for this company as they provide top-class services to their customers
- Essi

Oops Cleaning have One of The Best End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

End of lease carpet cleaning is not good in many of the carpet cleaning companies. This is because of the extra care which is to be given to these carpets. However, this is different with Oops Cleaning as they provide additional services for the end of lease carpet cleaning.
- Grace Martin

Very Happy

We are very happy with the carpet steam cleaning job performed by the team of Oops Cleaning. When we booked Oops Cleaning we were not at all sure about their service but the Oops Cleaning cleaners went above our expectations. We highly recommend them to everyone. No doubt they are no 1 carpet cleaners of the town. You can depend on them for all your carpet cleaning needs. Oops Cleaning even provide weekend service which is an amazing thing about them. Thanks Oops Cleaning for your great service. We will use your service again whenever we need a professional carpet cleaning service.
- Zachary

Best Carpet Cleaning Company

Oops Cleaning is amazing at its work. It has cleaned my carpet making it regain its softness and color. Also, the fragrance added after the wash has made my room environment refreshing. For carpet cleaning, this company is my first priority.
- Ella

Must use this service

They 100% clean & removed the stain from carpets as I requested. Very professional and affordable carpet steam cleaning service.
- Lisel

Reliable Steam Carpet Cleaning Service

Thank you Oops Cleaning for your great help. I find them the best service provider for Carpet Cleaning need . They are not pricey. Rather you can call them an cost effective services. You will get the best value for your money. Oops Cleaning have a very good team of skilled professional to handle the task of Carpet Cleaning. They do a nice job of removing the stain from the carpet. Your Carpet will get a new look and a new life. Thank you Carpet again. Keep up good work.
- Mason

Courteous Staff

I and my mom are in love with Oops Cleaning services. They do not just have professional but courteous staff too. They are very punctual and helped us in moving the furniture. Their carpet cleaning experts did an outstanding carpet cleaning job. The customer service of Oops Cleaning is also superb. We really appreciate their hard work and efforts that they have out in cleaning our carpets. you guys did a marvellous job. Our carpet regains its new look and it looks lovely now. A very huge thanks to the team of Oops Cleaning. We would definitely use their services in future. Good job!
- Robert

”Quick Service”

They offered a quick carpet cleaning service to us. My carpet looks new after they cleaned it. I want to thanks the team of Oops Cleaning for providing us with prompt service at a reasonable price. I am really happy with their service and would like to suggest their name to everyone.
- Nicole Kidman

Use advance equipment

We have enjoyed working with this Oops Cleaning company, they are a very ethical company and do quality work at very affordable prices. We were impressed by their streamlined and cleaning equipment. Definitely will be using them in the future!
- Anna Anderson

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