Can We Use Acids to Clean Tiles?

Although tiles have high resistance to water there is need to clean them using any possible means as it adds up to your home beauty. They are various ways of cleaning it but when all of them fail, acid cleaning cannot disappoint

Acids can be used in tile cleaning though should be used with much care since if used improperly can cause damage. The acid which has been used for cleaning is Muriatic acid also known as Hydrochloric acid. This is an acid that you should not miss at your home since when other cleaners fail this will be the last option to use. Use it with much caution as it can cause injuries if at any time it comes in contact with your eyes and skin. It also produces fumes that can cause breathing difficulties.

Tile and Grout Cleaning
Tile and Grout Cleaning

Precautions To Be Taken 

You should make sure you wear gloves, nose masks and eye protection during tile cleaning with Muriatic acids.

Acid Cleaning Procedure

First mix the water and the acid in the ratio1:5.You then apply the mixture on the stains on the tiles. Use nylon pads to apply the Muriatic acid-water mixture to the stains.

  • Afterwards wash out the stains-acid solution by pouring cold water on it.
  • Rinsing the solution with water will leave behind a sparkling clean tile.
  • Lastly you need to dry the tile with a dry cloth.

Alternative Acid Cleaning Method

Other than using Muriatic acid for cleaning you could opt for acid based substances for cleaning. This home available acidic products include Vinegar and lemon juice. This acid based products are used with other products for them to act effectively

A mixture of water and vinegar can be applied on tiles grout cleaning lines then scrubbed by a brush. This is then wiped with a damp sponge leaving it sparkling clean.

Lemon juice is mixed with hot water then applied on stains on the tile. A brush is then used to scrub the stains off. Cold water should then be used to wash away the dirt. Lastly dry the tiles with a dry cloth.

What to Note

Muriatic acid should be the last resort in tile cleaning as it is hazardous and harsh cleaner. It can corrode the tiles making it look dull and old.

Action to Take

In case your tiles have got stubborn stains or debris that has become a headache to other professional tile cleaners consider trying using acid based home based products. In case they all fail you go for Muriatic acid and you will witness its wonders.

Tile and Grout Cleaning
Tile and Grout Cleaning

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